Choosing an Interior Design Style For Your Home

There’s a lot involved in building a custom home! Along with finding the perfect neighborhood for your family’s future, you’ve got floor plans to figure out, building materials to choose and landscaping choices to bring it all together.

With all those custom home considerations, nailing down your interior design style may not seem that pressing. But before you know it, you’ll need to decide where your sensibilities lie among a whole range of types of interior design styles – from traditional to contemporary, mid-century modern to industrial, Mediterranean to Japandi and beyond!

If that feels a bit overwhelming – what even is Japandi? – don’t worry. The pros at Weaver Custom Homes have your back. We’ve been in the custom home business since the 1950s, so we have lots of insight into how to choose interior design styles for homes that fit various lifestyles, aesthetics and budgets.

We break down 10 of the most popular styles for home interiors so you can get an idea of whether they might work for you. And we even give you some ideas for mixing and matching those interior design styles to forge your own unique look!

10 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

First off, let’s make a distinction between the latest home design trends and the types of interior design styles that have staying power. Trends are fleeting flights of fancy that quickly become outdated – remember the Tuscan kitchen trend of the early 2000s? Reno pros are doing their level best to remove all those heavy maple cabinets and fussy corbels right this minute.

Interior design styles, on the other hand, speak to a sense of continuity and authenticity. The 10 we’ll dig into here have returned to the “in” list over and over through the decades, thanks to their versatility and cohesiveness.

1. Traditional

Rooted in the traditions of 18th- and 19th-century European homes, traditional interior design focuses on elements of symmetry, harmony and understated elegance. Rich colors like burgundy, navy blue and forest green pair with warm grays to evoke a stately feel. Sumptuous furnishings with traditional details like nailhead trim and tufted cushions add effortless luxury. Architectural features really drive home the traditional interior design style, so if your home has crown molding or wide baseboards, highlight them! For a new build, custom built-ins elevate a home’s design with the craftsmanship and character that signifies a traditional style.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary interior design is a moving target. That’s because it’s very much “of the now,” meaning it embraces the most current design trends while blending in timeless style for a fresh, modern feel. You might think of it as traditional design with modern flair, which is exemplified in an architectural home spotlight we’re particularly proud of. It illustrates how traditional elements – like an enclosed breezeway, custom built-in shelving and board and batten siding – can combine with a neutral color palette, open floor plan and touches of elegance for a clean, contemporary effect.

3. Minimalism

Do you equate minimalism with the spartan existence of a monk who has renounced all worldly comfort? That’s not exactly how this interior design style works. It’s more about being mindful of every object that goes into a space and keeping clutter to a minimum. You might start with a minimal color palette, like black and white or a trio of soft neutrals. Then choose your furnishings and artwork for impact, rather than volume. For example, opt for a large sofa in a striking shade of blue with very simple styling instead of multiple chairs. It will make a bold statement against white walls and light wood floors. Pair it with a coffee table that echoes the floors, then choose only one or two wall decor items that have deep meaning for you and your family. The simplicity of the space will generate a feeling of calm serenity.

4. Maximalism

At the opposite end of the spectrum from minimalism, maximalism embraces the idea of “more is more.” This over-the-top interior design style is tough to nail, and it’s not for everyone. But if your superpower is mixing patterns without spilling into overwhelm, we say go for it! A good idea is to start with a to-die-for wallpaper for a sumptuous base that doesn’t limit floorspace. Then, layer in colors and textures from the wallpaper’s palette on rugs, furniture, bedding, throw pillows and decor. And don’t forget custom window treatments that elevate your style! For true maximalism, consider drapes of brocade or velvet to dial up the opulent feel.

5. Mid-Century Modern

There are good reasons for the longevity of this interior design style. Starting in the 1950s and ‘60s, mid-century modern design focuses on strong geometric shapes, clean lines and natural materials. Sounds quite contemporary, doesn’t it? One of the most appealing things about mid-century design is how it plays so beautifully with other types of design styles, like contemporary, traditional and minimalist. If you’ve got a pair of retro chairs – or contemporary mid-century lookalikes – you can create an overall mid-century look in your home by pairing them with a simple wooden table (bonus points for a kidney shape), some floating shelves on a wall painted a deep primary hue, and a brassy metal light fixture. Add some natural elements – a few potted plants or maybe a sheepskin rug – and some vintage artwork for a timeless look.

6. Industrial

This is one of the edgier interior design styles, and it’s often appealing for its masculine-leaning character. Inspired by former factories that were transformed into living spaces in the 1960s and ‘70s, the style typically focuses on raw or rough materials, like exposed brick walls, metal pipes, weathered wood and polished concrete. By juxtaposing those elements with soft furnishings upholstered in sumptuous leather or textural fabrics, the effect becomes less stark factory and more upscale loft. Try adding hints of industrial design to your contemporary home, like glass shelving suspended on black-painted pipes or poured concrete countertops. Keep the palette neutral overall with black accents and a couple pops of primary colors for a vibrant urban feel.

7. Modern Farmhouse

Thanks to some very popular televised reno shows, modern farmhouse interior design styles are having a moment. But this is not the everything-gingham, floral-wallpaper-border country kitchen style of the ‘90s! Today’s modern farmhouse look is fresher and more focused on everyday functionality. Think rich woodwork and light, creamy walls paired with bright copper fixtures and rustic decor. This is one of the best interior design styles for homes that are busy because it’s decidedly unfussy yet sweet with a welcoming vibe. Pair a sturdy butcher-block table with mismatched wooden chairs that are all painted a vibrant hue, like trendy turquoise or sunny yellow. Add colorful vintage tableware from a secondhand store and display it proudly on open shelving for a delightful modern farmhouse kitchen.

8. Mediterranean

Mediterranean interior design styles bring the vibrant yet relaxed feel of the Azure Coast into your home. If bold colors and tons of textures make you happy, this is the perfect style for you! It’s got a coastal vibe with lots of natural light and greenery, but it’s elevated with a decidedly European attitude. Start with a clean backdrop of warm, neutral color on the walls. Then layer in rich earth tones, like terra cotta, leafy green, deep blue and sunshiny yellow. Whether they’re on artwork and decor items or throws and pillows, those rich colors warm up the space for that Mediterranean feel. Keep the furnishings simple yet sumptuous in natural materials like wood, rattan and leather. And for a finishing touch, add some brightly painted tiles either installed around a fireplace or loose as coasters for drinks.

9. Japandi

This current trend is a combination of two types of interior design styles: Japanese and Scandinavian. Both value symmetry, simplicity and natural materials, but the Asian influence brings a bolder feel to the typical minimalist restraint of Scandi style. To find a balance, start with simplicity: soft white walls and light wood floors. Keep your furnishings in the Scandinavian tradition of clean lines and soft, pleasing shapes, then add in some Japanese touches, like a rattan end table or a red lacquered chest of drawers. Be judicious about decor elements, choosing just one or two from each culture and displaying them in an uncluttered, balanced way.

10. Eclectic

Getting a little bogged down in all these interior design style names? The most important thing is to identify what you like and what you don’t like so you can communicate your preferences in a way others will understand. And good news: The eclectic style is all about breaking rules and creating your own unique look! Want to pair your cool leather sofa with an ornately carved coffee table? Go for it. Like the way your gallery wall of artwork from different periods forms a quirky backdrop to your mid-century side tables and contemporary chairs? Great! Just keep in mind two key elements: color and scale. Keep the color palette consistent through all the different pieces for a sense of cohesion that avoids the look of overwhelming clutter. And think about the proportions of your furnishings. If one piece is large or clunky, pair it with something small or slender. And step back once in a while to take a bird’s eye view. If it looks “off,” start editing down!

Achieving Your Interior Design Style With Weaver Custom Homes

Feeling better about the types of interior design styles that dovetail with your preferences? Now you’re ready to come to the Weaver Design Center in historic Wooster, Ohio, for some hands-on play! You’ll get the chance to work one-on-one with an expert design consultant who can help you find all the right materials, furnishings and fixtures to bring your interior design style to life.

Whether you’re building your custom dream home from scratch or reimagining the interior of your current home, we’re excited to help you make it truly unique. Schedule your visit today, and start crafting your perfect interior design style tomorrow!

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