2024 Design Trends to Elevate Your Custom Built Home

If a custom home is on your agenda for 2024, home trends likely dominate your search history. That doesn’t mean you’re restricted to only following the latest fads — it simply means you’re committed to making the right choices for a custom-built home that’s both modern and functional. Taking in the latest home design ideas can help you find a good balance between today’s trendy picks and the timeless elements that spark joy while supporting your family’s lifestyle over the long haul.

Why choose Weaver Custom Homes to help navigate the overwhelming number of options for your custom home design? We’ve been in the custom home building business for over 40 years, and we’ve seen countless home design trends come and go.

Take advantage of our insight into the 2024 design trends that will stick around — and those better left to short-term commitments, like a bold addition to your wardrobe.

2024 Home Design Trends

In general, custom home trends for 2024 lean toward a warmer color palette and more thoughtful combinations of contemporary and traditional elements. The Weaver pros break down the specifics for both interior and exterior design trends that can bring a fresh perspective to your custom home wish list.

Let’s start with interior home design ideas for the coming year:

New Interior Design Trends for 2024

All-white kitchens and monochrome gray interiors have dominated reno shows for several seasons — so we hope you’re ready for a plot twist! Here’s how 2024 design trends are mixing it up with texture, color and the return of a recurring character with tons of charm.

Multiple Backsplashes

Can’t decide between that luxurious marble and the classic look of subway tiles for your kitchen backsplash? According to today’s home design trends, you don’t have to choose! Combining two backsplash materials into a blended design is a visually appealing choice, but it can also be immensely practical. Consider the ease of cleanup on a single piece of gorgeous marble or quartz behind the stove — paired with the textural interest of grouted tile in adjacent areas.

This home design trend helps you stretch your budget while ending arguments over style choices. It also allows you to include even more 2024 design trends, like the fashionable herringbone pattern that freshens the look of those long-loved subway tiles. Choosing multiple backsplashes also helps accommodate creative ways of adding storage to your custom home, including the trend toward kitchen appliance garages that keep countertops clutter-free.

Blue Hues

Got the blues over the continuing interior design trends toward neutral colors? Let this year’s embrace of blue palettes cheer you up! This universally loved hue is tinting all the home design trends this year, partly because it pairs so beautifully with the latest warm neutrals like cream, wheat and sand. Whether you like it richly saturated with violet undertones, softly serene with notes of the sky, or coastally inspired with hints of green or gray, a touch of blue on kitchen cabinets, guest bath wainscotting or master suite walls will elevate your mood and your sense of enduring style at home.

Timeless Details

How can you make your custom-built home feel less brand-new and more classically cozy? Embrace the 2024 design trend of timeless details, like exposed brick, handmade clay tiles and rustic wood elements. These choices add warmth and lasting style to contemporary home design ideas, especially open floor plans. We love this trend for the way it supports our time-tested commitment to how custom built-ins elevate your custom home design. In particular, custom bathroom vanities are having a moment, but you might also consider custom shelves or cabinets in unexpected spaces like around a fireplace, under a stairway or as a main focal point in the master suite’s walk-in closet.

A Combined Mud and Laundry Room

Feeling conflicted about all the breezeway-to-mudroom conversion pics on Instagram lately? We feel you. Breezeways were a powerful home design trend at the beginning of the 20th century — before whole-house air conditioning was widely available — so they left many modern homeowners with a hollow space to fill between the garage and main living areas of the house. Several decades later, mudrooms took the spotlight as a more practical home design idea.

The evolution continues in 2024 home trends that take a step toward even more practicality by combining a mudroom with a laundry room — and in some cases, a pet spa! It makes a lot of sense to pair the convenience of laundry facilities with an easy-to-clean space where muddy shoes and soiled clothes can be sequestered from the rest of your home. Check out this architectural home spotlight to see how Weaver’s experience with custom home building can help make yours incredibly useful and intentionally personal.

The Latest Exterior Design Trends

Exterior home design trends change more slowly than interior design trends — so some of these ideas may seem familiar. But keep in mind that even small touches on the outside of your home can alter its first impression, and putting thought into outdoor spaces can amplify and elevate the overall beauty of your custom-built home. Here’s our take on the 2024 home trends to consider for maximizing your exterior design.

Customized Patios

Stuck on how to choose the best porch design for your custom home? Start by considering the architectural style you’ve chosen for the house, then keep it on the traditional side to align with the latest home design trends. Customizing both the front porch and the back patio to your family’s lifestyle can be as simple as expanding to the width of the house or as complex as adding multiple levels to a backyard deck. Then pick from trendy home design ideas to add flair, like a grand chandelier, eye-catching floor tiles or custom built-in benches or flower boxes.

Entertainment Areas

What’s the single biggest exterior home design trend for 2024? Custom outdoor entertaining areas. Whether it’s a fire feature, an entire outdoor kitchen, custom carpentry features like vertical partitions or barn doors, or custom masonry like brick columns, stone steps or hand-built retaining walls — you simply cannot go wrong with customized entertainment spaces designed for your outdoor living goals. The pros at Weaver can help you decide which outdoor features best support your family’s lifestyle and, more importantly, make sure they fit seamlessly into your property and dovetail with the overall design of your custom home. Check out our portfolio to get inspired by some of the unique outdoor living spaces we’ve designed for other homeowners.

Focus on the View

What’s the one universal accessory that pairs beautifully with interior design trends of any era? Natural light! Perhaps our favorite of all the hot 2024 home trends is the move toward ever-bigger windows in custom houses. Today’s options are well-insulated and energy-efficient, allowing homeowners to create expansive views that bridge interior and exterior design trends like never before.

Whether you want floor-to-ceiling windows in the main living area, skylights in the master suite or whimsical portholes in unexpected places like a child’s closet, we can help you choose the most cost-effective options — as well as custom window treatment ideas to elevate your home’s style and function seamlessly.

Find Custom Home Building Bliss at Weaver Custom Homes

Feeling inspired by all these home design trends? We are, too! Come visit us at our award-winning Design Center in historic downtown Wooster to see — and feel — how the hottest 2024 design trends align with your vision of the perfect dream house. The pros at Weaver Custom Homes can’t wait to begin your custom home building journey!

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