Custom Home & Interior Design Trends for 2021

It’s time to welcome warmer weather and think about home improvements! Trends for this season embrace natural materials, prioritize functionality at home, and encourage expressing personality through bold design choices.

As home design consultants and a home design center, Weaver Custom Homes stays on top of trends to help you incorporate them into your home in ways you’ll love for years to come. 

Read on to learn more about the custom home design trends we’re helping clients bring into their new builds and renovations this spring.

Architectural Statement Pieces 


It’s hard not to love built-in furniture. Classic bookcases, entertainment centers, and window seats always add charm and function to a home.

If you are building or renovating your home this spring, consider bringing built-in features to your home design. These features are excellent statement pieces that allow for extra storage and opportunities to display your favorite books, objects, art, and other decor. 

Crown Molding

Crown molding highlights the transition from wall to ceiling to add character. It brings the eye upward, making ceilings feel higher. 

As trends shift away from super sleek, minimal design toward more traditional styles, crown molding is growing in popularity. 

Updated, contemporary styles of crown molding nod to today’s trends without the threat of looking dated ten years from now. Both timeless and trendy, crown molding creates an upscale and polished finish in any home. 

Wallpaper (and not the ugly kind)

You read that right! Wallpaper spent a long time on the “do not” list, but in 2021, we are seeing fresh takes on wallpaper that won’t look dated.

Thanks to modern techniques, wallpaper is now much easier to apply and remove. This makes it a much smaller commitment than it used to be—so don’t be afraid to pick something with personality! Make your home a reflection of yourself and your family with a wallpaper that speaks to you. 

Powder rooms, dining rooms, breakfast nooks, and bedrooms are all common places for wallpaper. Powder rooms in particular are known for having bold design choices, so if you fall in love with a daring print, try it in your half bath to make a great statement. 

Some of this season’s most popular wallpaper designs include…

  • Playful abstract shapes and lines
  • Textured, plaster-like brushstrokes
  • Dark, moody florals
  • Large scale prints and murals
  • Detailed toiles

Wallpaper can be an exciting way to bring personality and texture to your home. It can be subtle and subdued or a showstopping focal point. The choice is yours!

Trending Materials


Wood is a mainstay for a reason. Durable, versatile, and timeless, you can easily find a wood grain and stain that you love for your home. 

In 2021, you might notice a shift toward lighter wood tones. Inspired by Scandinavian style design and decorating, white oak and light wood stains bring a sense of airiness and calm. Especially when paired with vintage pieces and warm accents, light finishes feel inviting and elevated.  

Wicker, Rattan, and Cane

Natural materials have been popular as accents for quite a while now. But in 2021, we’ll see wicker, rattan, and cane take center stage in large statement pieces like headboards, rugs, media consoles, and dining room hutches. 

If you love the natural look of these materials, you could even consider working with your builder to include them in your built-in cabinets. For a less permanent option, jute rugs and woven lampshades are a lower-committment option.

Flexible Function Rooms

In 2021, homeowners are forgoing formally defined spaces in favor of rooms that can serve multiple purposes. For example, rather than a formal dining room, many families want a space for working, crafting, and relaxing, as well as serving meals. 

After spending a year cooped up, the way we view functionality at home has changed. Even as more people begin working from outside the home again, multi-purpose rooms will stick around as a functional way to make your home more comfortable. 

Weaver Custom Homes

Which of these interior design trends are you most excited about? Weaver Custom Homes will help make them a reality for you. 

At Weaver’s custom Design Center, we help you visualize and create quality built homes tailored to your taste. Whether you want a new home with built-in bookshelves and crown molding, or a home renovation with popular contemporary materials, we are here to help.

Tell a home design consultant about your dream home—reach out to Weaver Custom Homes today.


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