How Do I Choose the Best Porch Design?

Front Porch vs. Back Porch Design

Much like choosing between the city and the suburbs, a front porch and back porch each has its own unique features with different elements and uses for a homeowner. A front porch conveys an inviting feel for welcoming guests or keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Back porches, on the other hand, offer more private space to relax or entertain. What’s your vision for a custom porch? We’ve got plenty of ideas to share to settle the front vs back porch debate – from clean and simple to large-scale sanctuaries and everything in between.

Custom Front Porch Features

Deciding to include a front porch in your custom home design means you want to set the tone for visitors with a hospitable vibe or find outdoor space to sip coffee and watch the sun rise. The porch serves as an important design element within the front facade, and its entryway into the home as a distinct focal point. Porches include architectural features that set the tone for the rest of the home, possibly with archways, stone or smooth pillars and even alcoves. Custom builders will connect these details with interior plans, along with railings, doors and lighting.

Custom Back Porch Features

Integrating a back porch into your custom home design invites an entire world of opportunity to explore. Back porches often command more square footage than front porches, with an extended roof and sometimes screened-in areas. Architectural elements from the front facade may reappear here, along with extended elements out into a deck or patio (think pavers and stone work knit together on the front steps and walkway that also get infused into a deck retaining wall, firepit patio or the like).

In some seasons, the back porch can serve as an extra wing of the home with an outdoor fireplace, built-in grill or even a full outdoor kitchen under the patio roof. Like some front porches, back porches offer space to relax but often with more protection from the elements and more privacy. They also invite additional entryways in and out of the home – perhaps into the master bedroom, kitchen, living room, and more. Imagine a courtyard or breezeway of sorts connecting various rooms of the home out to the backyard.

Designing a Custom Porch

Porches should reflect your home’s style. While builders utilize different materials for these spaces to endure the elements, porch design can still match and compliment your home’s interior. When you hire a reputable builder – one with an expert design team – they will help you hone in on the best choices to create a one-of-a-kind home that reflects your personality.

Adding Custom Detailing to Your Porch

Custom front porches and back porches might include some of the same elements in their design (skirting, railing, steps, pillars, outlets, ceiling fans, etc.), but adding even the littlest details to your porch that go a long way in making it fit your style. When you build with Weaver Custom Homes, we take the time to get to know more about your lifestyle and what’s important to you, so we can incorporate these kinds of details into the finished home.

Do you prefer an extended living space that brings the outdoors in through a retractable window wall that opens to the patio? Or, is a cozy space with a porch swing overlooking the front lawn more your speed? Here are a few ideas for integrating custom details into home porch design.

  1. Chandelier.
    Wall sconces have their place, but try dressing up your outdoor space with a chandelier. These lighting fixtures bring more of an interior feel to the space and lend us yet another opportunity to add a homeowner’s style into the decor.
  2. Wrap-around Layout.
    Can’t decide between front and back? Try a little of both with a wrap-around style porch. While this screams “farmhouse,” wrap-around porches are showing up in modern, colonial, cape cod and other styles lately. The extra space brings the ability to create multiple entrance points into the home – maybe into an in-law suite – and even pivot around a uniquely designed seating area or gazebo.
  3. Built-in Seating or Flower Boxes.
    Custom stonework always elevates a landscape (along with the home itself). Try incorporating short stone walls that double as seating around a fire pit. Or, think about how stone flower boxes could frame various walkways and bring some greenery into the design.
  4. Gated Entry.
    For those seeking more privacy in the front, think about how a gate will elevate your home’s design. Gates can be stately or modern and can really make a statement on the front of the property. Plus, if you’re a big online shopper, a gate might be helpful in keeping packages further from porch thieves. If you can’t get behind the gate concept, build a secure closet into the porch for delivery workers to hide them directly. It’s a custom addition few (if any) of your friends will have.
  5. Graphic Floor Tiles.
    We love infusing your personal style into a home with unique finishes. Graphic floor tiles in singular rooms or on the porch are a perfect way to do this. Recreate vibes from your Caribbean cruise using tropical designs or make an artsy statement with abstract or geometric prints. Either way, tiles can make any patio more festive.

Let Weaver Elevate Your Home Porch Design

One of the wonderful things with custom building is that you’ll have the power to invest in the features and finishes that make sense for you. No matter if you prioritize front vs. back porch or decide to include both, Weaver’s expert craftsmanship and personable design expertise will guide you toward the custom home porch design of your dreams. Reach out today to learn more about our process and get started on the path to an exquisite custom home.

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