Explore Creative Ways to Add Storage to Your Home

When you’re touring a pre-existing home for sale, limited storage space can be a dealbreaker for many buyers. The perk of a custom building project is designing to your exact needs – storage included. From sizable walk-in closets to unique and hidden solutions, we’ll help you explore creative ways to add storage to your custom home design.

Making the Most Of Your Space

The sky is literally the limit when you build a custom home, both aesthetically and functionally. While it’s easy to envision your home’s pristine front exterior and an open floor plan, also be thinking about how to make the most of your space with creative storage solutions. Don’t limit yourself to thinking “I need lots of cabinet space.” Instead, ask “what have I always wanted in my kitchen?” Go beyond a basic wine rack and consider how a wine cellar or built-in storage wall in the kitchen could complete your vision and then some. Consider how your walk-in closet will be the envy of the neighborhood when you incorporate customized shoe, jewelry, purse space and more!

Unique Ways to Add Storage

Here are some of the creative ways you can add storage to specific rooms in the home: the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living space. Talk to your home builder’s design expert about how you can personalize any of these ideas within your custom floor plan.


Walk-in Pantry

There’s no doubt anyone could benefit from extra food-storage space for the kitchen. But recently, the walk-in pantry trend has evolved into a more upscale element with design aesthetic for days. Think high-end counters and cabinetry (not just open shelving for your basic canned goods) coupled with decor accents and styling fit for a magazine. If you’d rather keep that square footage out in the open, consider maximizing a smaller pantry with a built-in spice rack on the inside of the door. That’s organization and accessibility that’s perfectly out of sight.

Add Drawers To The Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island may have been conceived with the goal of expanding entertainment space or making a statement, but don’t miss the opportunity to sneak in additional storage. Maximize the functionality of the island by adding drawers for easy access to serving utensils and other items. Even consider “hidden” drawers under the cabinets (along the floor) for baking sheets or other odd items. Every square inch can be useful.

Tilt-Out Trash Cans

Keep trash out of sight with tilt-out trash cans built into cabinets. This solution could work anywhere with cabinetry – like bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms – so don’t limit it to the kitchen. Perhaps these tilt out from that kitchen island mentioned above, or they’re directly next to the sink. Either way, this approach keeps the space clear of one more bulky item.


Window Seat Storage

Add seating and storage all in one when you build in a window seat as part of your custom master bedroom. This not only gives you a comfy perch from which to drink your morning coffee, it also gives you deep storage under the bench (either through a hinge that opens the seat, or drawers underneath). Want even more storage? Flank the bench with bookshelves on each side.

Floating Nightstands

Creative storage ideas for small bedrooms doesn’t have to begin and end at boring closet organizers. Combine storage and furniture into one with floating nightstands. This idea eliminates the need for extra furniture that would otherwise clutter the space, but still provides a unique visual and storage solution. Instead of a lamp, opt for dual wall sconces to keep that space free for books, a cell phone and decor.

Bathroom Storage

Add Floating Shelves to Dead Wall Space

Consult with your designer about how to use storage space in a decorative way. Aside from traditional floating shelves for jars of q-tips and cotton balls, play with hanging colorful bins on the wall and storing rolled up towels inside.

Turn a Mirror Into a Medicine Cabinet

Make the most of your mirror by incorporating hidden shelving behind it. Include a medicine cabinet at the vanity or build a full-length mirror elsewhere in the bathroom with hidden jewelry or medicine shelving behind it.

Living Space Storage

Under the Stairs

Think Harry Potter, but better. Imagine a triangular compartment that rolls out from under the stairs with bins for hidden winter accessory storage, or a rack for all those shoes blocking the front door. Replicate the same creative storage under the basement stairs for quick access to family board games.


Make your mudroom far more magical with meaningful storage solutions built for your family. Give each child their own storage space for coats, hats and gloves, bookbags, and shoes. Even make room for the dog – with a custom wash station, food and toy storage compartments, and more.

Add Recessed Shelves

Recessed shelves are a smart way to use existing space without adding furniture or storage pieces. Create a fun bookshelf in the kids’ playroom or display family photos and seasonal decor on shelves in the foyer. Try creating a command center of sorts with recessed cubbies near the floor topped with a small desk area and cabinets or a bulletin board above.

Enhance Your Storage Space With a Custom Home Project

Feeling inspired and want to see more creative home storage ideas? Check out more of the storage and organization projects we’ve created for our clients, or visit our full custom home gallery. When you’re ready to fuel even more inspiration, call us at 330-264-5444 to schedule a consultation and tour our Design Center.

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