Deciding Between a Home Addition or Custom Home

Wondering if you can enhance and embrace the space you already have or if it’s time to jump ship to a brand new site? The decision between a home addition/expansion project and building a custom home is a big one, and there are so many factors that play into it. We’ve had many clients consider both options, and we can help sort out some of the substantial benefits for each.

Home Addition vs Custom Building

There are plenty of benefits to renovating what you already own rather than building new. But maybe you’ll feel as if you’re missing out on something you’ve always wanted that you just can’t get in your current space. Let’s weigh the logistical, lifestyle and other benefits you should consider before making the final decision.

Benefits of Home Additions & Expansions

Depending on your lot size and existing home layout, a renovation or expansion might make the most sense – especially if you struggle with the idea of leaving your current neighborhood. Here are a few benefits to adding on or expanding your current home.

Increase Your Current Home’s Value

Adding livable square footage always increases the value of a home. Quantifiable features like extra bedrooms and bathrooms can especially make a difference, as can more unique features like an in-law suite. Renovation projects that modernize the interior also play into the home’s value (even when the square footage stays the same). Maybe you don’t need to build an entirely new home to solve the problem of one missing bedroom, home office or other area that could be added on by knocking out a single wall. Ask your contractor and a local realtor about the potential return on the investment for your specific home and market.

Shorter Timeframe

A renovation or addition project covers only a sliver of the work you’d be waiting on by building a completely custom home so the completion timetable is obviously shorter. Just think of all there is to accomplish with a custom build before you can even start the construction process, including finding and securing a lot, finalizing a slew of design decisions, and more. As supply chain issues have plagued the building industry since the pandemic, there’s an unlimited amount of unexpected delays that could impact your build, too.

Cost Effectiveness

Are home additions worth it? It really depends on your unique situation and property vision. If you do choose to expand your current home instead of building one from scratch, you’ll avoid a hefty land expense and closing costs that come with any new mortgage. Just like the smaller slice of work makes for a faster project, it also means less of an expense. You may have some new landscaping expenses with a home addition, but it will still be more affordable than landscaping an entire property with a custom build.

Benefits of Custom Building

Is a blank canvas calling your name? Are the neighbors at an arm’s length just too close for your liking? Do you have a vision in mind for your dream home and are you ready to put pen to paper? Here are a few of the benefits of foregoing a home expansion and building a custom home instead.

Customized Options

A custom home gives you complete freedom to infuse your taste and personality into the design – not just paint color and wall decor, but floor plan, architectural details and other foundation elements before you even get to the everyday aesthetics. Instead of trying to work with the space you have on your existing lot, a custom build allows you to search for the perfect land. Choose your favorite cul de sac in the suburbs or opt for secluded wooded lots with more scenic views. Literally every detail from the ground up is yours to make when you choose a custom build.

Separate Construction Zone

Remodeling or building an addition onto an existing home means you and your family will be surrounded by construction. Noise, mess, vibration, strangers in and out of the house – it’s all part of the project and unless you’re willing to uproot the kids and move out temporarily, there’s no way around it. The benefit of a custom build happening elsewhere is that it can progress for months at a time without impacting your day-to-day routine or personal space.

Low or Zero Maintenance

Purchasing an existing home comes with many what-ifs about major mechanical systems: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roof, hot water tank, etc. A custom-built home, on the other hand, features brand new systems and appliances. This means you’ll have little to no maintenance on these items for the foreseeable future. While it’s an investment, it’s also welcome peace of mind when everything is new and many elements are under warranty.

Start Your Ohio Custom Home Project

When you’re ready to move forward – no matter what you decide – work with Weaver Custom Homes. Our extensive portfolio of both custom builds and renovation projects will inspire you and give you confidence in our craftsmanship and design expertise. Call our Design Center at 330-264-5444 to share your vision and get started on a custom home project today.


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