Renovation vs Custom Homes

Renovating Your Current Home vs Building A Custom Home

Everyone deserves to wake up in a home they love. If your current residence isn’t giving you the feeling you want, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Home renovations and additions or a new build are two very different paths toward your dream home. As a custom home builder who also specializes in renovations and additions, our experienced team will guide you through the process — no matter what you choose. Start by considering the benefits of a custom home vs. remodeling.

Benefits for Renovating

Whether you want to revamp a single room or gut an entire level, there are many benefits for renovating your existing home.

  1. Shorter timelines. Some projects – like a single-room update – will be much shorter than a full build and may not require you to relocate during the renovation.
  2. Memories. A renovation can breathe new life into an older home. Put your stamp on the space without giving up the place where you’ve built so many memories.
  3. Avoiding a move. Skip the packing because you’ll be staying put.
  4. Energy efficiency. Depending on the updates, a renovation might make an existing home more energy efficient or environmentally friendly.

Weaver works on decks, patiosoutdoor areas, additions, kitchensshowrooms, and more such as a Getaway Ski Cabin.

We will be with you all the way – lending our expert opinions on everything from structural changes to finishes and fixtures. Learn more about Our Renovations & Additions.

Benefits for Building a Custom Home

Unlike a renovation where updates need to fit within an existing space, building a custom home means you get to design every inch from the ground up. You find a plot located where you want to live; you create a layout that meets the needs of your family; you choose the materials and finishes. It’s a blank canvas!

Customers who opt for a new build also benefit from less maintenance in mechanical items like plumbing, heating, etc. These items aren’t always updated in a renovation, but everything is brand new in a custom home with a full operating life ahead of them.

Another benefit of planning a new build instead of a renovation project is that we factor in every last detail from the start to avoid surprise charges. We’ve all heard renovation horror stories about surprise budget busters – sometimes from necessary yet unseen components hidden within the walls. With a custom home builder, you’ll avoid the “wait and see” approach to cost. Learn more about Getting Started & Our Design Center.


Exactly how far away is your current home from your dream home? Answer these questions to steer your decision toward either a renovation project or a new build:

Do you like your current location and/or neighborhood?

Are you looking for more room/space? (And do you have land to accommodate that?)

What’s your budget?

How many rooms do you want to renovate?

Is the renovation home value appropriate for your area?

Are there any problems with the foundation?

Do you live in a historical neighborhood with restrictive renovation rules?

If the foundation is compromised, it may be more cost effective to demo the home and start over. In other words, don’t risk spending major renovation dollars when property damage from a cracked frame is in your home’s future. If building code demands expensive upgrades on materials you didn’t anticipate, it might not be financially possible to achieve the dream at your existing property.

Weaver is Here for Both

Whatever you’re dreaming of, Weaver Custom Homes has the design and construction experience to make your dream a reality. From transforming your existing space to building a custom home, Weaver has you covered. Call our Design Center at 330-264-5444 to get started.

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