Turn Your House Into Your Forever Home With the Right Home Renovations

Do you love your home but wish to expand the size of key living spaces in a big way? Maybe you love the location, but not the home itself? At Weaver Custom Homes, we don’t just build beautiful, custom homes on empty lots. We also renovate and build additions for customers who love their existing home but seek to enhance or increase the livable square footage.

Significant remodeling projects require a trustworthy team of industry experts with a reputation for quality craftsmanship. Let us tell you how we can turn your house into a forever home with a significant renovation or addition.


A renovation is an opportunity to breathe new life into your current home and make it feel truly custom. It’s no small feat knocking down walls to open up multiple rooms or even rerouting utility lines to maximize the functionality and design of a specific space or entire level. Add to that the excitement of completely updating the flooring, trim work, paint and other finishes after the structural updates, and you’ve got a major project on your hands. Our team is experienced in designing and building large-scale home renovations, including teardown. We’ll be with you every step of the way from structural changes through selecting new fixtures.

Kitchen & Living Room

Together, the kitchen and living room make up the heart of the home. You spend a lot of time in these spaces, so investing in a renovation here could make perfect sense. Perhaps there’s a wall separating the two spaces that you want to bring down to create an open concept with loads of room for entertaining. Or, you wonder how rearranging the appliances and cabinets might give you the ability to expand the pantry, introduce an island with additional seating or even add coveted counter space. Maybe gutting the entire space is necessary to meet your renovation dreams.

Whatever your ideas and goals are, our team will ask detailed questions to better understand what you need from the space. We’ll assess the home to see what’s feasible and present a renovation plan that achieves your goals. We also want to make sure you’re maximizing your home’s value, so we’ll discuss the pros and cons of renovating to help you determine if an extensive reno costs more than building new.

Updating Your Outdoor Living

Eye-catching updates aren’t limited to the indoors. The Weaver team can take an existing backyard and turn it into an extraordinary retreat. Consider how building a deck and patio will enhance your view of the sunrise. Why view it from your kitchen window when you can feel immersed in the view from a second-story deck? Maybe you’ve dreamed of an outdoor entertaining space with a kitchen, fireplace and cozy seating? We can energize your outdoor living space with a renovation project that meets these needs and more. Work with Weaver to see what’s possible for your space and how we might be able to help you maximize it.


Whether you’re looking to add a multi-room structure to the side of the house, build out a sunroom, or redo your kitchen, every addition adds value – along with square footage – to your home. We encourage homeowners to talk with us and explain their goals so we can better understand the scope of these large-scale additions.

Master Bath & Walk-in Closets

The master bedroom is supposed to be the owner’s retreat. If this space is more hindrance than haven, it might be time to pursue a home addition. Adding square footage to your master bedroom is one of the most valuable ways to invest in a home. Many homeowners utilize the new space to build a completely custom master bath and an expansive walk-in closet. Imagine having the space for a lavish soaking tub or oversized shower stall … or both! Working alongside our in-house design team, you get to dictate every inch of the space. Imagine how this personalized addition will enhance your morning routine and so much more.

More Space For Your Family

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen people creating home office spaces in spare bedrooms, their own bedrooms, basements and elsewhere. It’s a trend that we expect to continue as the work-from-home revolution lives on. For these families, building an addition to allow for private office space can solve functional interior problems they’ve endured while balancing work and virtual school under one roof. To see where an addition makes the most sense, our expert team will visit your home to assess available land and structural options that allow for the most opportune expansion. For example, you may think an office is only going to work in one place — like a bump out of the dining room or a buildout of the unfinished basement. But our team will present all possibilities that meet your needs and your budget.

Find even more space for your family outdoors with the addition of a pergola or backyard pavilion. Enhancing your home’s outdoor living space with one of these structures helps boost the home’s resale value. It also supplements your entertaining area with cozy conversation and dining spaces. Make it uniquely yours with a personalized fireplace or pit, custom concrete designs and landscaping. The sky is literally the limit with custom additions like these.

Weaver Custom Homes

When you partner with Weaver for major renovations and additions, you’ll benefit from the fact that we use the same in-house design team that we use for our custom homes. This means you have access to our in-house architect, designer, 3D-model and cabinet designer for your project. Together, they ensure our work is both structurally safe and blends seamlessly with the original home.

It’s easy to get started today. Contact our team to schedule an initial meeting so we can understand the scope of the project and see what’s feasible.

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