The Perfect Place for Your Custom Home

When you decide to build a custom home, you have a say in every detail of the house itself – even down to the dirt lot it’s built upon. But there are many factors to weigh when searching for the perfect place. Before you purchase land, consider important factors like the size of the city, nearby schools and hospitals, cost of living, surrounding landscapes, taxes and more.

Weaver Custom Homes builds in both pre-selected communities and on independently purchased lots. Discover some of the benefits for each option before you dive into designing your home.

Pre-Selected Communities

We build in several pre-selected communities that offer a wide array of lot sizes and landscapes to choose from. You’ll find established neighborhoods and country settings, some with unique benefits like snow removal, tax incentives, HOA/social memberships and other amenities.

Choosing a lot in one of our existing communities can save time (and sometimes prep money) in the building process because utility hookups are already in place, as are streets and sidewalks. Plus, an established community brings peace of mind as neighbors are nearby if you ever need anything.

Consider a site at The Greens at Wooster Country Club where you can drive a golf cart right from home right up to the first tee. Or, relax in the Stone Ridge Community in Doylestown where exterior landscaping is completely taken care of for homeowners. Explore these and other community maps on our website to find current site availability.

Purchase Land

Location is everything, right? If our existing communities aren’t ideal for your lifestyle, commute or school preferences, consider purchasing land with the intent to build on it. This approach gives homeowners more freedom to choose the best possible location.

Start by prioritizing your needs – both current and future (i.e. entertaining, kids, retirement, etc.). After you determine what’s most important, begin reviewing available land opportunities and see if they meet your wish list. For new build rural homes, evaluate:

  • Utility connections. Find out if your location will use city or well water and septic or sewers. These factors can be deal-breakers for some buyers and will play a role in the home design process.
  • Zoning regulations. If you’re interested in a large area of land with future plans to build multiple structures (like a pool house or barn), make sure the zoning laws allow them. Some regulations prevent certain structures and heights, as well as dictate proximity to boundary lines.
  • Nearby farming activity. Wide-open countryside with plenty of space between neighbors can be peaceful, but be aware of any livestock noise, odors and/or pesticides used by neighboring farms.

Once you purchase the land, our team can help you envision the best home design and positioning to showcase the views and characteristics of the unique property.

Weaver Custom Homes

Whether you’re interested in building in one of our new home developments in Northeast Ohio or Central Ohio, or want to purchase land in another location, Weaver Custom Homes can build the home of your dreams.

No matter which route you select, our expert team will help navigate the home-building process – from an initial consultation, to budget planning and design selection, to construction and completion.

Begin your new home journey today. Contact Weaver Custom Homes to get started.

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