Custom Home Building: Trends for 2023

Your home is the backdrop for your family’s milestones. As you begin the process of a custom home design, you’re embarking on a journey that brings your wildest dreams into a comfy, cozy, luxurious reality. If that seems overwhelming, looking at current home building trends can help keep it manageable.

Weaver has been a leader in custom home design since the 1950s, and we’ve seen countless building trends come and go. We’ve put together a short list of some of the most popular 2023 home trends to spark your imagination and get your creative home design ideas flowing.

Six Custom Home Design Trends for 2023

1. Floor Plans with Flexibility

The open floorplan was a super-hot home design trend for several years. All that shared light and easy accessibility seemed liberating — until the lockdown happened. Once families had to do work, school and leisure activities together at home, building trends started moving in the other direction. In 2023, flexibility is key. Multifunction spaces are still desirable, like a game room that converts to a home cinema, but the ability to close doors between rooms has become incredibly valuable again.

2. Dedicated Home Office Space

Speaking of the lockdown, our other collective lesson was the value of working from home. With more and more full-time workers doing their business remotely, it’s no longer enough to have a fold-down desk in the kitchen or a closet with a table shoved into it and call it a workspace. A dedicated home office is one of the biggest trends in home building this year, and crafting yours to suit your specific needs is a priority. A good custom home builder can help identify the layout and amenities that will increase your productivity and overall work satisfaction.

3. Walk-In Pantries

Exploring creative ways to add storage to your custom home design is one of the pleasures of a bespoke build. Whether your kitchen floor plan is wide open or more traditional, today’s walk-in pantry options add both food storage and high-end style. Think marble countertops, built-in spice racks and luxe lighting that serve your family’s everyday needs but also support entertaining on a grand scale. Designer mud rooms and laundry rooms also make the list for storage-friendly home design trends of 2023.

4. Wellness Home Design

Self-care has become a buzzword, and nothing says mindful luxury like a home spa or gym. Whether you’re considering a lower-level multifunction space that combines workout equipment and recreational items like a billiards table, or you’d prefer an outdoor sanctuary that includes a Zen garden and reflecting pool, adding a wellness space to your home design is a trend that’s likely to stick around.

5. Personalized Accent Spaces

The beauty of a custom home design is its uniqueness. If you’ve started collecting fine vintages on your travels, a trendy wine wall or climate-controlled wine room encased in glass walls is the perfect way to protect and show off your treasured bottles. Or perhaps your family adores the outdoors, and an al fresco kitchen or covered living space with a retractable movie screen is on your wishlist. Make those dreams come true with a bespoke plan that aligns with 2023 home trends.

6. Green Building Materials & Systems

Not all luxuries are immediately visible. One of our favorite recent trends in home building is the move toward environmental friendliness. Sustainable home design includes options like solar or geothermal power, green building materials, energy-efficient appliances and landscaping that mitigates water runoff and erosion while facilitating the home’s heating and cooling.

Start Designing Your Custom Built Home

Now that you’ve seen some of the latest trends in home building, it’s time to get started on the custom home design that fits your family’s unique needs. Your first stop is the Weaver Design Center in historic downtown Wooster. This is where you’ll see and touch actual countertops, cabinets, flooring and more to get an idea of how different combinations work together. One of our talented and personable design consultants will be available to walk you through options, make suggestions and guide you along the path to your selections from hundreds of home design trends. 2023 is the year your home dreams come true! Our commitment to helping you through the process begins now and continues well after you have the keys in hand.

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