Benefits of a Custom Home

Are Custom Homes Worth It?

So you’re thinking about building a custom home? It’s an exciting project to take on, but the home-building process comes with loads of decisions to be made, costs to plan and growing/aging lifestyles to consider. It’s only natural to weigh the costs and benefits against buying an existing home. Whether you buy or build, it’s a big investment – why not put those dollars into the exact space you’ve been dreaming of? We’ll walk through the benefits of building a custom home and hiring a custom builder to show how custom homes are worth the investment.

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

The real estate market is tough these days. Low inventory and rising interest rates make it difficult to find a home, let alone one that meets your needs or fits your style. Building a custom home is a smart option that helps you create exactly what you need and where you want to be.

Selecting Ideal Materials vs. Renovating Later

Anyone who’s watched 30 minutes of HGTV probably thinks home renovation is a walk in the park. But the reality is far from it. Every remodel is different and comes with its own challenges (read: hidden costs). It’s enough work for some people to paint and redecorate after they move, so a full-scale renovation – even if it’s contracted out – will be a major inconvenience and expense.

A custom home, on the other hand, gives you the ability to craft the ideal aesthetics from the start. Choosing your paint, finishes and other materials give you the control over your investment and save time in the future.

The Perfect Lot

House hunters look at more than the living quarters before they buy. The land is just as important. Imagine the possibility of falling in love with a home but not making an offer because the lot is less than ideal. Maybe it’s on a dangerous road, too close to neighbors, or situated on a steep hill that will make lawncare a grueling chore. Whatever the reason, the lot must be considered in the buying process.

When you choose to build rather than buy an existing home, you get to choose the perfect lot for your perfect home. Find a quiet cul de sac or spacious rural lot for your custom abode – whatever suits you. Choosing a lot means you can even consider the path of the sun and determine how to position your home to maximize the sunshine over the backyard pool.

Long-term Savings

A custom home comes with more up-front costs like purchasing a lot, surveying the land, and hiring a builder, to name a few. But if you plan to expand your family or even retire in your custom home, the long-term savings certainly outweigh these costs.

Everything is new in a custom build, so there’s no worrying about how many years you can get out of the furnace, or if it’s time for a new roof. The flooring, appliances, and everything down to the light bulbs come with their full lifespan ahead of them when you move in. This means low (to zero) maintenance costs for several years. Energy efficient mechanical systems are standard in a new build and will provide affordable energy costs whereas an existing home’s systems could be outdated money pits. Plus, a builder’s home warranty gives you additional protection you wouldn’t get with an existing home.

Benefits of Hiring a Custom Home Builder

Not all builders are created equal. Take the time to find an expert team who streamlines the process around you rather than making it feel like a rushed, repetitive transaction. Look for a builder who’s capable of truly custom work (not one who wants to fit your life into a production home that’s more copy and paste than it is customized to you).

The Expert Process

If this is your first build, it can be overwhelming. The time alone involved to see this project through can feel like a full-time job, so it helps to work with people who know exactly what they’re doing.

A true custom builder with a fine-tuned process makes all the difference. Hire experts to ensure regular, clear communication with homeowners. They’ll work to manage your expectations from consultation to completion and keep you more engaged in the process than you would when simply selecting finishes in a production build.

Personalized Floor Plans

One of the biggest benefits to hiring a custom builder is getting to choose how and where to invest every cent that goes into your home. Do you prefer extra bedrooms or expansive outdoor living space? Is your priority a massive en suite or a man cave? Or is it all of the above? Working with a custom builder gives you the power to personalize your floor plan exactly as you wish.

A reputable custom builder takes the time to get to know you, learn about your lifestyle and how your needs may evolve over time before creating a personalized floor plan. Some builders provide a library of plans for clients to choose from, often with limited opportunities for true personalization. Why pay for elements you don’t want when you can invest in a personalized design?

Superb Craftsmanship

Production builds often rely on speed, not skill, because they’re replicating the same few designs over and over. A custom builder, however, possesses the skill and expertise to deliver quality craftsmanship in everything from the framing to the flooring installation. Skilled laborers and subcontractors prefer working with builders who understand the industry and deliver regularly with personalized designs and finished homes. Homeowners benefit from these relationships and ultimately can enjoy the superb craftsmanship when their custom home is complete.

Partner with Weaver Custom Homes

Building a custom home is worth the investment over buying new, especially when you partner with Weaver Custom Homes. Our clients tell us they valued our expertise, the process and our personalized designs, and our portfolio speaks for itself. Let’s talk about how Weaver can bring these benefits and more to your dream build – call us at 330.264.5444 or fill out our online form to get started.

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